The Unstoppable and Success-Driven QNet Platinum Star: Chiranjeevi Reddy

More than seven years ago, Andhra Pradesh resident Chiranjeevi Reddy was leading a comfortable, steady life. He was not looking for any new opportunities. But his life changed completely when he discovered the world of network marketing through his brother and cousin.

Initially, he was not interested, but when he realised the earning potential that the opportunity with QNet presented, he decided to explore it further. He realised that he could gain and grow from using and selling world-class QNet products. His initial hesitation turned into a strong passion for network marketing, catapulting him to great heights of success. Today he is a QNet Platinum Star.

For Chiranjeevi, the last 7 years has been an exciting journey. QNet has helped him realise his true potential and taught him to aim higher. 

Making the leap

Like most people, his initial dream was to work for 20-25 years and save enough to start a small business. He started his career as an IT consultant with Tata Consultancy Services and was going strong until his brother and cousin presented him with the business opportunity. “Initially, I was not confident that I would make it in this business. I could imagine the massive amount of dedication and hard work that would be needed. My family and friends were sceptical. They doubted the potential of this business. I was uncertain about joining QNet, but my brother and my cousin – my upline never gave up on me,” said Reddy.

His cousin had recommended him to watch Eight Building Blocks a QNet video series. “It blew my mind. It helped me make a decision – I wanted to be an entrepreneur and make this work,” Reddy added.

Aiming for the Platinum Star

Rising to the Platinum Star rank was not an easy task, but he had the constant support of his upline who pushed him to go beyond his limits and trained him to be more results-oriented.

“I would never forget the experience of going up on the VUAE 2017 stage to receive my Sapphire Star pin from the esteemed V Partners and QNet management. That unforgettable experience has also been a constant motivator for achieving more. I am now consistently meeting my Platinum Star requirements and working towards becoming a Diamond Star. I want to achieve this not just for myself but also to ensure the growth of every individual in my sales team,” said Reddy.

The Rank dashboard has helped him unlocking more such achievements consistently. It helps him track his achievements by showing his goals/targets against deadlines.

Routine for success

Reddy starts his day by making a to-do list of goals, targets and deadlines. “At the end of the day, I check my list to see what I could have done more effectively and understand how I can do things better the next day,” said Reddy.

He also ensures giving daily business presentations and works closely with his core leaders. For those who are just starting in the business, Reddy is that one person you can turn to for guidance. Through his experience and learnings, he can support you and help you with your QNet journey. 

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