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qnet success Story Captain Amit Nighot


“Build Yourself First”


Most of us grow up aspiring to be a certain type of professional, having a certain type of career. Then, there are those whose repertoire speaks for itself, covering a wide range of professions and experiences. Captain Amit Nighot is one of them. He sits with us to share his QNET journey.

  1. Can you give us a brief background of yourself? Any previous work experience before QNET? How did you find out about QNET and why did you choose direct selling as a career?

I come from a family of five in a small city named Nagpur; my father is a government employee, my mother a housewife, my twin brother is a banker and my sister is a doctor. At age 19, I went to Denton, Texas, to complete my Commercial Pilot Training in aviation. After that, I worked in America as a commercial pilot for 3 years. As my father was facing health challenges, I decided to return to India to support my family. This happened at the height of the economic recession and once I was back, I couldn’t get a job in India as a pilot.

I was disappointed that despite being a qualified pilot from the US, I could not get a job. I had invested so much into my education and it was not helping me when I needed it the most. My brother and I then decided to start our own real estate company. While running this business, a friend of mine from my aviation days introduced me to QNET through its products. I loved the wellness products, but as a former pilot used to traveling a lot, the vacation products were my favourite. I found great value for money in the holiday product offerings.

Once I understood what the direct selling business model was and realized that it was one of the few recession-proof industries available to people like me, I saw it as a chance to start a career afresh.

  1. What were the initial challenges when you started your direct selling business? Did you face rejections before your first successful sale? If so, how many and how did you overcome them?

In the initial days I faced a lot of challenges. I had no experience in this industry and coming from a traditional background didn’t help much. In total I had 86 rejections before my first successful sale. Before I had the first member join my sales team, I had to travel to four cities – Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore and Hyderabad. Those times were quite rough, but the one thing that helped me through it was regular counselling sessions with my mentor, who made sure I stayed focused and on track. 

  1. How long did it take for you to get your first commission cheque? Was there one important thing that kept you focused on your goal?

It took me eight months of consistent hard work to earn my first commission cheque. Coincidentally, I received my first cheque on the last day of the company’s annual convention, V-Malaysia, in 2013. It was also the first time I had attended the convention, and it turned out to be the most memorable one for me.

I would say that the one thing that kept me going was hope and positive thinking. After each counselling session with my mentor and in moments where I contemplated on this venture, I told myself, “I have made the right choice. This will work out soon.”

qnet success story captain amit nighot

  1. Can you describe your life before and after QNET? What were some of the life-changing moments at QNET?

Life before QNET was all about “what next”. There was a lot of uncertainty. It felt like I was just surviving from project to project. I was living in the US, and not able to spend much time with my family. Even after I moved back and started my real estate business, things were tough and it was difficult to find quality time with family. I felt like I had to constantly figure things out.

Even after I started my journey with QNET, there was no overnight change. Things were still difficult for the first two years, since this business requires commitment and consistency to succeed. I would say the turning point came finally in my fourth year. I’d built a solid foundation and was confident about the sustainability of my business in the long term. I started making incremental lifestyle changes. I bought my dream bike, the Harley Davidson Street 750. I took my family on an international vacation for the first time. I started travelling in business class.

Today, my life is all about travelling to different cities and countries to support my team and getting paid for it. As a networker, your profession is all about travelling, networking and selling products. When we travel, we meet a lot of different people, share opportunities and make money together by helping each other. That’s what makes these people family. I am living my dream! Even though my first dream to make a career in aviation as Captain Amit did not work out, I’m so grateful to have found a different avenue and live my dream life better than I could have imagined.

  1. The direct selling industry is very fast paced. How do you manage your work deadlines and maintain a healthy work-life balance?

It’s all about your planning your day in advance. For me, the Sphere of Silence technique that I learnt from Dato Sri Vijay Eswaran works great. In this industry, one must be very careful in where and how they spend their time. If you just wake up and start running with no clear direction, you may as well be running on a treadmill. That’s what happens when you don’t have a plan of action; it stunts your progress and wastes your time in whatever it is you’re doing.

  1. How important is teamwork in direct selling? What do you do to ensure your team members are happy, satisfied and working to the best of their capabilities?

Teamwork is everything if you want to build a long-term, sustainable business with a reliable network. For me, in order for my team to be happy and do their best, I have to think of their dreams and their goals more than my own. Our personal goals have to co-exist, but that comes second to the team’s well-being. I find that building trespass in a team helps us push each other to our best capacity. It has to be understood and shared as a culture, where we support and at the same time challenge each other to do better. 

  1. How do you deal with rejections?

Rejections are just stepping stones for the bigger and better success up ahead. They are our best teachers; there’s always a good lesson to be learnt from them. When someone turns me down, I don’t get stressed. Instead, I like to confuse them with a smile. I do it to show that even though their decision is not what I wanted to hear, I still respect that it has to do with them, not me, and I bear no ill will.

  1. In direct selling, following professional practices while doing business is of utmost importance. Do you have any advice on how to practice professional marketing in direct selling?

1) Speak the truth

2) Do your business with pride.

I think the only way of doing business professionally is by setting up an expectation for the best outcome in the beginning of the journey. You have to believe that this is a good decision, and that it would turn out well for both parties. If you don’t believe in it, how can you help someone else? Once this is established, then we share the goal in our minds and can work together towards it.

  1. Can you share some interesting lessons from working in the direct selling industry and in QNET?

You bear the responsibility of your own actions, your own efforts. I always say that direct selling is less about making money and more about a way of life, so live it to the fullest. There is so much to explore and learn when we work on ourselves instead of pointing fingers at others.

  1. Do you have a routine for success?

I always start the day on a positive note. I have pictures of all my dreams hanging in my bedroom, so that as soon as I open my eyes, I see my family and the life I want for us. It’s a daily reminder to do my best in all that I do, which keeps me going and gives me purpose.

  1. Any success tips for young entrepreneurs who are looking to join the direct selling industry?

Well, again, 1) Speak the truth, and 2) Be a good person. Don’t worry about “building the business”; first you must build yourself. Focus on becoming your best self and enjoy your work. When you love what you do, the money will follow.

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    Thank You Captain for your valuable inputs and vision ,I follow it and I duplicate it in my team

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    I Love Qnet….

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    I m a True QNETr n Networker. It’s a Stone Cold fact that We have a better way to Earn in present Day environment.
    Love my QNET.

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    Thank you Captain for the amazing sharing of your experience with us. Truly inspired.

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