Venkat Reddy | A QNET Success Story

‘The Three Keys to Success’

What is the key to achieving greatness? Is there a formula for success? According to Venkat Reddy, there are only three things needed to achieve anything. A man who walks the talk, Venkat sits with us to share his secrets to success in the QNET journey. Have a read and find out his answer!

  1. What is your background and how did you discover direct selling?

I am from a place called West Godavari in Andhra Pradesh. I was born and brought up in a lower middle-class family; my father was a farmer, and my mother was a housewife. I earned my bachelor’s degree in Information Technology from Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University at a small town called Narsapur in 2011.

After graduating, I was looking for work, following a set path that many others from similar backgrounds have done. While on my job hunt, my cousin Chiranjeevi Reddy started talking to me about QNET. He showed me the amazing products from the company. I still remember coming across this beautiful Chairos watch and immediately falling in love with it. It was a classic gold-plated watch with a white dial and looked so elegant. It was the kind of watch that represented the person I wanted to be.

My cousin then told me about the direct selling business opportunity associated with QNET. I already loved the products which made me want to aspire for a better lifestyle. More importantly, I have a high amount of respect for my cousin. In our family, he is known as someone who always makes good, smart decisions. When he spoke so highly of QNET and the potential of the business, my own instincts kicked in. I had a strong feeling that this opportunity really had more to it. I felt that I was given access to a world-class range of products supported by a well-structured compensation plan. I saw the potential to change my family’s life in ways that no other job opportunity would let me. And I was right!

I started my QNET journey with the Chairos watch and since then I haven’t looked back.

  1. Did you face any initial challenges when you started your direct selling business? How did you overcome them? Why did you think that you could make it in this business?

Certainly. The first challenge for me was to overcome my fear of talking to people. I used to get very nervous about talking to others. The thing was, I had never felt this kind of motivation before about anything. I wanted to build a team and to conquer this profession. Looking back now, I think it was always more about conquering myself. Through steady practice, I overcame this fear in a year’s time.

The second challenge was that, at first, I couldn’t retain my team. I was too inexperienced and had no idea how to manage and lead people. I started attending all the leadership camps organised by the company and that’s when I understood my mistakes and eventually learned how to retain and grow my team.

The third challenge was my financial situation. I had been trying to build my QNET business for 11 months, but things were not looking good. I barely had any money to survive. I didn’t even have enough money to pay rent. Luckily, my friends were very supportive and let me stay with them in their hostel for nearly two months. I will always be grateful to them.

Not having a home, and not having anything at that point, was the best thing that happened to me. It meant I had nothing to lose. That’s how I found my drive. Rather than be discouraged, I was now unstoppable. I woke up each day feeling the need to sell, to make presentations, to give my best shot and nothing else. Soon after that, my business took off and began to pick up steadily. Today it has grown to a level that I couldn’t have imagined. It’s an incredible thing to witness.

My mother, my relatives and my neighbours didn’t encourage me in the first two years of my journey with QNET. They used to tell me, “You cannot make it in this business, it’s not a good opportunity. Better leave it and find a 9 to 5 job!” But I knew what I had gotten into. Thanks to the events I attended, I knew what I was doing. They had given me enough exposure to see the reality and facts surrounding this company and the opportunity it offers. They provided me with enough support, such that I could overcome the phase of my loved ones trying to convince me not to do this. The funny thing is, there are instances today where my family members are urging me to make my other cousins join this amazing industry. They are now coming to us! I am more than happy to bring them in, see them change personally and financially through this wonderful life-changing opportunity.

Today, while I have no specific home city, I can say the world is my home. I am constantly travelling between Hyderabad, Vizag, Bangalore, Kolkata and Dubai, working on and developing my business. I couldn’t have imagined having this life before, and it is absolutely thanks to my mentors’ support. Kumar Reddy, Chiranjeevi Reddy and Vasu Reddy – these are the gentlemen who I attribute my success to, who supported me since Day 1 and made me the man I am today. Their support system and guidance made me sure of myself, that I would make it.

  1. What are some life-changing moments you have experienced since you started with QNET?

Apart from overcoming my fear of talking to people and getting over my natural tendency to be an introvert, I have grown a lot as a person. Obviously, the side effect is that my income has also grown. I still remember the time when I would hesitate to buy a cup of tea for 10 rupees.

I have developed immense confidence. I have become a fairly good public speaker and trainer. I feel that I have also become better as a leader since my sales team has been growing consistently.

Today I can proudly say that I am a consistent Sapphire Star at QNET. I was inspired to achieve this rank after attending  a QNET conference in UAE in 2017. As with everything, I believe in upgrading; you should always aim for more and better. When I started focusing on the criteria of the next rank, I lived the goal in my mind, and that’s when I saw my progress.

  1. The direct selling industry is very fast paced. How do you manage your work deadlines and maintain a healthy work-life balance?

Actually, I never felt like my work-life balance was unhealthy. Since I don’t have a normal 9 to 5 job, every day is exciting and different. The fast-paced environment keeps me energised, and I’m happy when I’m working! At the moment, I feel like I could spend 100% of my time and efforts on developing myself and building my QNET Business. That’s the beauty of it, you see – for me, both those things go hand in hand.

  1. According to you, how important is teamwork in direct selling? What do you do to ensure your team members are happy, satisfied and working to the best of their capabilities?

I always believe that one cannot achieve as much alone as when they’re working in a team. In this business, I prioritise my team more than myself. I always focus on empowering them, supporting and helping them through their difficult moments. In doing so, I become a better version of myself. I love to see them happy and satisfied at the accomplishments we achieved together.

It’s like a family, only in this family, if you don’t tend to your family members, then the house is in danger. This is how my mentor treated me when I joined, and this is the culture we cultivate: our duty as a team is to bring out the best in each other.

  1. How do you deal with rejections?

For me, it’s very simple. Initially, it was very tough to accept and, actually, polite rejections are not difficult. The hardest was dealing with negativity and criticism from people who don’t even understand the business. If I consider myself successful, it’s because I overcame that phase of continuous rejections. I received hundreds of them in my first year of business. Every time I got one, I used to call my mentor, Mr. Vasu Reddy, for counselling.

I was open-minded and transparent to him about each situation and he told me to not take any of it personally. I remember he used to tell me during each call, “Go to the next one, move on, keep moving on.” At the time I was emotional and frustrated. “Why does he always say that?” I thought. I didn’t really understand until I found two serious, hardworking people who joined my sales team and became team leaders. When I started working together with them, our business started growing beyond my expectations.

Without my mentor’s encouragement and dedication, without my team members’ loyalty, I would not be where I am today. I understand now the attitude one needs in order to grow. Now, I’m glad to have received each of the hundreds of rejections. They made me a better person.

  1. In direct selling, following professional practices while doing business is of utmost importance. Do you have any advice on how to practice professional marketing in direct selling?

Yes, it’s absolutely vital to make sure all distributors follow professional practices. That’s how we can create a healthy and strong organisation. It’s important to check on how distributors are promoting the business on ground. We need to correct anyone who misrepresents our business, and it starts from our own team members.

My advice would be to:

1) include professional practice sessions in every team event, where possible.

2) get all team members to complete the QNETPRO Certification.

  1. Can you share some interesting lessons from working in the direct selling industry and in QNET? What do you love best about the company?

I’ve had plenty of unforgettable moments! The first interesting lesson I learnt was about dreams and how we need to turn into a warrior in order to achieve them. I’m fascinated at the ability of this QNET to transform a person from zero to hero, from ordinary to extraordinary. I truly believe that what QNET does, beyond selling products, is help people become the best version of themselves on every level: personally, financially, and spiritually. And of course, the fact that it’s a global business – you work with people from all over the world. Different countries, different cultures, united as one in our QNET home. I also cannot forget the titans of our company; I love Chief Pathman’s craziness, Dato Sri’s wisdom, and Japa’s unwavering loyalty.

  1. Do you have a routine for success?

Yes. I believe in consistency and maintaining momentum. It basically comes down to a few steps that I follow:
1) I decide what it is I want to achieve,

2) I prepare my action plan for it,

3) I follow the plan I’ve set out, without exception, until I complete it.

  1. Did you ever face the situation where you wanted to give up? If yes, how did you tackle it?

Of course, there were times in my journey where I felt like giving up and leaving. I used to discuss them with my mentor openly and, surprisingly, he told me that if I wanted to go, I could go. He never insisted that I stayed, never reproached me for feeling that way. What that did for me is it made me think twice, every time. I reminded myself of the vision I had for my life, for my family. I reminded myself of the people who were successful, who I’ve seen in the events that I attended. Eventually, I always ended up believing that it could still work. I got up again. After a few months of dragging myself to do what I was supposed to do, to put in the work that it required, things started working out. Again, patience and consistency pay off.

  1. What do you like to do in your free time?

I love to expand my mind in my free time. Whenever I’m not working, I don’t waste my time. I use that time to sharpen my skills and increase my knowledge. I read up on business books, including those for this industry. I also like to spend time in nature, go out on a crazy trail and get to know different people.

  1. And finally, the question we’ve all been waiting to hear answered – from your experience in this journey, what would you say is the secret to success? Any tips for young entrepreneurs who are looking to join the direct selling industry?

Have patience, be consistent, and work hard. It really is that simple. If you’re looking to join this industry, you can forget about enjoying anything for the first year or two. Give it time. Give just 4 Years with 100% commitment and effort. Once you get past the first few years, the next 40-50 years will be completely yours.


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