Venkat Reddy | A QNET Success Story

‘The Three Keys to Success’ What is the key to achieving greatness? Is there a formula for success? According to Venkat Reddy, there are only three things needed to achieve anything. [...]


Upendranath Reddy | A QNET Success Story

‘I Had No Other Option but to Succeed’ We all face adversities in life. Most of the time, these come from the people closest to us – people whose opinions we value and hence allowing it to affect [...]


Living Proof: Sachin Gupta

What attracted you about the direct selling industry and QNET in particular? I grew up in the small town of Jabalpur in Madhya Pradesh, India and didn’t know anything about direct selling. After [...]


Dev Wadhwani : Banker to Entrepreneur

Dev Wadhwani gave up a flourishing career in banking when he discovered direct selling nearly a decade ago. Dev, a lot of people have been surprised to find an investment banker in the network [...]